Becky Bowe



Becky Bowe a passionate blues Singer/songwriter from North Yorkshire has been singing since the age of 11. With heavy influences of blues and jazz, Becky’s original music is a crossover of blues and jazz to a pop/RnB. Becky says “I would describe myself as being a very honest artist. My songs are like diary entries to myself and when I sing them live or in the studio it triggers all sorts of memories. My music is warm but carries a dark undertone in the lyrics, I always want people to feel good but to know that there’s a message within it.”

Becky’s main feature as a musician is her ability to write music about her personal experiences. She’s never been afraid to communicate her emotions to an audience. Becky’s music is influenced by many artists; Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone and Frank Sinatra. Her jazz influence came from her old music teacher in school as they had a jazz band and needed a singer. He suggested Becky should come along and see if she’d like it, from then on Becky was obsessed with Jazz. She began to explore Jazz and that’s how she found her blues influence, only recently has her music started to feel RnB but Becky embraces any music style that comes. Becky’s main influence however is Nina Simone. Becky listens to a lot of Nina Simone’s music and has been heavily inspired by her writing style and uses it as a base for her original music. Becky says, “I love how she juxtaposes her music, how it sounds happy but yet carries a dark honest message underneath. She’s a big inspiration of mine.”

2016 was a great year for Becky she had done numerous gigs throughout summer with her pianist. Her band is forming nicely for 2017 also. She has gigs booked for 2017 already and can’t wait to show off her new material. Becky describes her new material as bringing her “blues feel into a current style. I want my music to spread across the genres of RnB, Blues, Jazz because why not.”

16387264_1217149508339134_8839446314468452725_nIn February 2017 Becky released her first single “Before Life Gets You Down” which is OUT NOW on iTunes, Spotify and other shops online. This song combines her RnB feel to an upbeat feel good song.


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